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Deco Pocky

Japan has gone and done it again!

While I myself have no seen these advertised in stores, I did happen upon these guys while flipping through a Japanese magazine called Popteen. While this really is not that different from the Deco Choco I wrote about a few weeks back, I find these a little easier to stomach and some of the sweet is balanced out with the slightly salty biscuit. Japan seems to be really big on this whole deco thing.

almost too cute to eat?

maybe too crafty for me...

Japan also sells some Pocky that are called deco pocky, but they are mostly pocky crusted in nuts or with some sort of icing design on them. Nothing like these guys:

I like the ones with the ribbons on it.

I asked Jun if deco pocky would be something he wouldn’t mind receiving for Valentine’s Day slash some special occasion, but he was not exactly jumping up and down at the idea.

In other news, I have been feeling not-so-good recently. I think it is a bad combination of a cold along with drastic changes in the weather. Yesterday I went to work with a slight fever and horrible headache. I thought about taking vacation, but I did not want to deal with my boss guilting me with “your Jr. high school is waiting for you” stuff. Wish I had now. I sat at my desk for the entire 8 hours AGAIN (going on three times in a row here) feeling like crap. I spent the entire day too frustrated and in too much pain to attempt to study. I instead doodled Disney princesses in my lesson plan book. I arrived home feeling like a truck ran over me and immediately collapsed into bed. When Jun got home he woke me up with a small bouquet of flowers.

Definitely the highlight of the day.


6 thoughts on “Deco Pocky

  1. So you decorate the pocky with sprinkles and edible things right? I sound stupid, but I still don’t get the point of it haha!

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling not good recently TT I hope that you can feel better soon!

    Oh!! What a lovely bouquet, that color is so bright and springy^^ Jun is really thoughtful, you guys are such a sweet couple^^

    1. I think Japan just likes to deco things. I am sure you saw the overly decorated cellphone and hand mirrors in Japan. They have like giant jewels and flower on them. It’s a trend. I think the fun part of it is thinking creatively?

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