Decorated Tuna Sandwiches?

Japan, you have gone too far

First, there was the Deco Choco. Then, Japan took it a step further and did Deco Pocky. I can kind of understand this whole obsession with deco in Japan as everything has to be made cute or more exciting than it really is. I mean…Gackt paid over $500 for his Ipod Touch cover!

But…I have to draw the line at making Deco Sandwiches.

The above picture is from a flyer at a supermarket advertising the new deco. Besides the deco sandwiches, they are also advertising the deco parfaits which, just like the deco choco, is just sugar on top of sugar.

The first sandwich shown is a チーズパツナマヨ which means it is a sandwich made from tuna fish, mayo, and spam. The second sandwich is a チョコバナナ one where you use fresh bananas and chocolate. The final sandwich is fruit and whipped cream.

what's your mode of transportation?

As if some of the ingredients were not bad enough…to decorate the sandwiches, the same things used for the deco choco have been used – along with some shaped cheese and ham.

teddy bear rolled sandwiches

There is not a lot out there yet in terms of the deco sandwich “boom,” but I am sure things will take off in a little.

too cute to eat

I’m not gonna lie though…I will probably be one of those people making these sort of things for their children. I have already started gathering supplies

In other news, tomorrow I go to my new Jr. high. I am excited…but probably more nervous than I am excited. I made a quiz and activity handout to go with my self-introduction, so I hope that all goes well… I still have not received an e-mail back from the school in terms of what time they want me to be there, which is troubling. I also called twice yesterday, but the phone just kept ringing and ringing and no one picked up and there was no answering machine. I just learned that the previous ALT at the school was from Kenya and both the students and teachers could not understand their English. This could either be good or bad for me…but I have the sinking feeling that I am once again going to be a human CD player again

Guess I will let you all know tomorrow when I get back!


4 thoughts on “Decorated Tuna Sandwiches?

  1. Katherine, I absolutely forbid you from making these sandwiches for your children. It will give them a skewed perspective on how much work should go into visual food prep.

    I draw the line at octopii made of hot dogs.

  2. Liked all the sandwiches except tuna, mayo and spam–can’t do the spam–replace that with more mayo–yum yum.

    I made fancy sandwiches for you–mine were just cookie cutter shapes–not as much detail as these but I think they are cute and shouldn’t give you kids a skewed perspective.

    Good luck at your new jr. high if you read this before you go. To bad you went all the way to the elementary school and didn’t have a class–sounds like they need a scheduling board of some kind.

  3. kawaii… there are so many cute cute things found in Japan. I miss them a lot. Looking and reading your blog, which telling us a lot about Japan makes me learn a lot. Wish that I can return there someday to learn more about Japan culture. I might visit your blog quite often 😉

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