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Starbucks’ Cantaloupe Melon & Cream Frappuccino

There is a ton of kindergarten things to blog about, but before I spam away there on a massive catch up binge…a little break from our normally scheduled programming. I am and always will be a sucker for Japan’s unique flavor profiles and Starbucks sucked me in once again…with cantaloupe of all things. I should have… Continue reading Starbucks’ Cantaloupe Melon & Cream Frappuccino

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Mommy Bento #3

One thing you learn while living in Japan is that the Japanese have this mild obsession with aesthetics that can go to the extreme sometimes. One of those extremes is the trend of something called charaben (キャラ弁) which is the shortened form of character bento. Some kindergarten’s ban these sorts of decorative lunches for one… Continue reading Mommy Bento #3

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幼稚園入園式●Kindergarten Opening Ceremony

April 11, 2016 marked a huge turning point for my life here in Japan. Not just for me but my humble little family of three and it’s a wonder I made it through it all given the mountain of anxiety that kept piling up on top of me in the days leading up to kindergarten’s… Continue reading 幼稚園入園式●Kindergarten Opening Ceremony

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Japanese Kindergarten Adventures: Handmade Bags Part II

WELP! Here we are again ladies and gentlemen – and those who identify as neither. After another 6 hour day of sewing and play dating I am pleased to announce that all of the bags required for kindergarten have been made and I even have plenty of material left over for patches should any of the… Continue reading Japanese Kindergarten Adventures: Handmade Bags Part II