Why Japan?

My interest in Japan began at a young age…

me…at age 2

OK, not that young, but I was around the ripe age of 10 when I first really discovered Japan. I suppose I should be more specific, what I did not discover was Japan but a show called 美少女戦士セーラームーン, but it better known to American audiences as simply Sailor Moon.

the girl that started it all

Yes, I will admit it, I am one of the thousands of people who have become interested in Japan thanks to anime and manga. Sailor Moon not only helped me wake up in the morning, but it also sparked my interest in Japanese culture. Despite being dubbed, there was no way that Dic (or whoever took over the dubbing) could “erase” elements of Japanese culture. Up until I was a high school student, I can honestly say that everything I knew about Japan, I learned from Sailor Moon – check out this book to see what I mean! While still in elementary school, I watched Sailor Moon and couldn’t help but notice some small things like characters taking off their shoes before entering someone’s home. Then there was Rei being called a Shinto priestess and I had no idea what Shinto was. This quickly lead me to the power of the internet where I looked up Sailor Moon and found out that the show was originally from Japan. I then wanted to learn more and more about Japan. I also made it a goal of mine to be able to watch Sailor Moon in its original Japanese without subtitles. This dream would not be realized for some time as my only option for foreign language was Spanish until I went to college. However, it was not only Sailor Moon that had an impact on me, but also Revolutionary Girl Utena and the films of Studio Ghibli – heck, my college entrance essay was about Utena!

my roommate (Sailor Mars) and myself (Sailor Moon)

Once I went to college, my interest in Japan hit its peak. I had been teased in high school for being interesting in anime and manga, but I managed to find a few people who shared my interest. For the most part, I had to keep that side of my “under wraps” and focussed on other interests, mainly soccer, to fit in socially. I am not saying that I was ostracized or anything for my geeky interest, but rather that no one else really understood the “obsession” as it were minus a few people. Anyway, once in college I was able to start studying Japanese and became fascinated with the language while also becoming frustrated at how difficult it would be to master it. I actually picked my university for its sister school relationship with Tokyo International University as it not only gave me the opportunity to study abroad my Jr. year, but every year about 100 exchange students from Japan came to my school – among these students was my now husband. I also got very lucky with my roommate who, like me, was interested in Japan and Japanese culture. We had showings in our room of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (the live action drama) and learned dances from the Sailor Moon musicals. We went to Sakura Con together in 2005 and won the amateur category of the masquerade with our skit and dance number of “La Soldier” (see above picture). My Jr. year, I was able to study abroad in Japan as a member of the Japanese Studies Program (JSP).

as an exchange student

I had a great year as an exchange student thanks in large part to my host family (who I am still very close with). During my one-year abroad, as I immersed myself into a culture so different from my own, I grew in my self-confidence, independence, and more importantly, my ability to adapt to any situation thrown at me and to handle it with confidence, grace, and humility as well as greater understanding of my own language learning process. Living there reinforced my passion for Japanese culture and language. It helped me better understand Japan’s culture, language, and society and more about myself and my own abilities. Upon my return to the States, I hoped to return to Japan and give back as much as I could, as a teacher.

During my senior year of college, I applied to a few programs and was accepted to all of them. I chose a program through my university that would ensure a placement in the same city I had studied abroad in. That was back in 2008 and I am still here in Japan and with a family of my own.

This has become a lot wordier than I intended it to, but I hope I got the point across that what started as a simply being enthralled with a TV show turned into a lifestyle and profession. If I can do it, so can you! Never think that your dreams or ambitions are being set too high, because, chances are, you can actually make those a reality. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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