blue hair...OK...those clothes...not so much

When Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst showed up in Tokyo’s Akihabara wearing a frilly sailor suit, there were those who thought the actress was turning Japanese. She was.

Dunst’s cosplaying was part of a collaboration between McG, the director behind Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angles, and Takashi Murakami, Japan’s most famous living artist.

Murakami has made a career out of taking taking otaku tropes and imagery and repacking them as art. Whether it be Louis Vuitton or Kanye West, his collaborations have become increasingly high profile in recent years — though, this is his first teaming with a Hollywood director.

Dressed in an anime-style sailor suit, Dunst prances through Akiba, singing The Vapors’ 1980 new wave smash “Turning Japanese”, as a magical princess. (Dunst herself is a Sailor Moon fan.) The video, which was shown at the Tate Modern “Pop Life” exhibit last year, features appearances by Murakami and Bape designer Nigo. Try to spot D3 Publisher’s hostess simulator Dream Club!

My thoughts…I plead the 5th.


4 thoughts on “Really?

    1. I totally feel like they are using “she is a Sailor Moon fan” as a reason for her doing this particular job. Most of the Sailor Moon fans I know would not do something like this…or, if they did, the clothing would not look so ridiculous XD

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