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Valentine’s Day Goods Featurette!

Valentine's Day poster in a supermarket

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I am taking notice of all the products and cultural differences a lot more than I have previously. This may be because I was asked by another ALT to make a poster for her Jr. high school and, since I have ridiculous amounts of time on my hands at my Jr. high school, I made it for her (yes, I find this hilarious as well). My elementary schools saw the work I was doing and asked me to give a presentation to the students about Valentine’s Day in America as well.

Anyway, the thing with Valentine’s Day in Japan is that it is essentially for couples only. To be more specific, it is a day for girls to give homemade chocolates and cakes to boys.

With this in mind, I thought I would post a new Valentine’s Day good every day as a featurette for my blog. I have a lot of pictures so far of goods, so this will probably go past Valentine’s Day to the end of February.

To start things off, I thought I go with the Valentine’s Day “handmade” gift that seems to be the most popular this year: decorated chocolate bars.

an example of a handmade decorated chocolate bar

I am not sure how happy I would be receiving a sugar coating chocolate bar on Valentine’s Day, but it seems to be the fad at the moment. In all the supermarkets in Japan, there are stands both big and small scattered throughout the store.

there was even a small stand in the fish section

The one that got me the most was the small stand in the fish section. Who puts a chocolate stand in a fish section? Then again, it is always the most crowded section of the supermarket on any given day.

big stand in the supermarket

The named everyone uses is デコチョコ(deco choco) and it just the abbreviated version of “decoration chocolate” in Japanese. As weird as it sounds, you have to admit they they look really pretty. Here is an example of someone who has taken this decoration chocolate to a while new level:

and example of デコチョコ

If you are curious and want to check out more versions, you can check this link for some more recipes.


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Goods Featurette!

  1. Oh I think these posts about Valentines products is sooo cute and interesting, thanks for doing it! I love the idea of deco choco, not sure if I’d like to eat it, but that last photo looks amazing. ^^

    1. the deco choco look amazing and I applaud the people who take all that time to make them look so amazing…but I think I would rather receive a cake or cookies – I’d feel less bad about eating it 🙂

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