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First School Lunch

Today marked the first day of proper kindergarten, meaning that it is a FULL day as opposed to a half day. All of last week, as part of a transition period for all, I would drop him off around 8:30 and then go pick him up around 11:30 so lunch was eaten at home. Kindergarten provides school lunch three times a week, but this service does not begin until May so it is up to us mommies to provide a bento until then. So, before Ryoma went to bed last night we had a sit down discussion over our kale and strawberry smoothie about what was going to happen today. That he would go to school and he would get to each lunch with all of his friends and mommy would come pick him up after. We also talked about what he would like in his lunch and, in true American fashion, he asked for a PB&J sandwich. So, our very first lunch as a big boy in kindergarten without mommy is a humble mix of Japanese and American tastes…although the emphasis is on the American side of things. Clearly.

I am willing to put money down that he was the only kid in his class today without any rice.

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