Another Light in the Heavens

I love you

Today, when I came home from work, I put my things away, called across the room to Hikari that I was home and then went about doing a few other things before I went to her cage to give her more of her favorite tofu.

When I did…I found that Hikari had already gone.

Her small body was still warm and soft, so she had passed away probably sometime after I got home…almost like she was waiting to see me one more time.

Hikari was everything that her name implies: she was my light. She kept me company when I was living alone and Jun was back in the States finishing his study abroad. She always came when I called her. Recently, despite her being unable to walk, she still always came to me and let me hold her.

She loved being outside in the sun, so Jun and I buried her under a tree in the front of the apartment complex. She is in her cupcake house that she loved so much with some of her favorite dried tofu. Now, she can rest knowing that she gave me so much.

Hikari, you were the best hamster I could ever ask for. You were always energetic and always happy. You really were my light when times were dark. Thank you and I love you.

4 thoughts on “Another Light in the Heavens

  1. I do understand how this feels. Maybe not exactly the same but i believe in a certain sense that i do because i was so in such a dark time when my little parakeet Sherlock passed away. :/ He was a naughty but good bird and i miss him. Anyway, i’m not so good at that consolation speeches but i just want you to know that i do share your thoughts and feelings πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry to hear this. I remember your hamster when I was visiting in 2009, and she was the cutest little hamster I’d ever seen.

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