To everyone who is like “SEPTEMBER 11?! That’s such a happy day” //end sarcasm//

It will be.

Consider, for instance, Pearl Harbor, which also had a huge impact on U.S. history. Dec. 7 is probably still a sensitive day for many Americans, but I think it’s good to realize that history doesn’t stop the march of time. Happy events do still happen on otherwise sad days, and life goes forward.

I am sure you are all familiar with the quote “time heals everything.” People are going to be born, get married, and there will be cakes and candles on Sept. 11, in spite of what happened on that horrible day in 2001. And as more and more years go by, people will keep celebrating, which won’t make Sept. 11, 2001, go away, but hopefully the happiness in the future will eclipse some of the tragedy from the past.

September 11th is a date. Just a date. That date in ONE year, something really awful happened. If you look hard enough you can find something bad that happened probably every day of the year.

I think it would be great to have something really positive and celebratory to associate with the date instead. Kind of making it about rebirth and hope rather than just tragedy. Celebrating the life and freedom that we have and honoring the heroism that was shown that day. It was an unthinkably horrible thing and a national tragedy, I think it would be good to reclaim that date as something positive and celebratory in life. I think it’s important that we remember as a nation and as people, but I don’t think it needs to be a day of mourning and sadness forever.

Doesn’t anyone else think it is time to take back the date? Remove the stigma attached to it? I mean, I highly doubt that people here in Japan are going to be looking at dates next year and be like, oh, March 11…big earth quake and tsunami…can’t do it then.

//end rant


5 thoughts on “To everyone who is like “SEPTEMBER 11?! That’s such a happy day” //end sarcasm//

  1. I agree with your thoughts until the last line. March 11th is a day that has affected the whole world–it will be another Dec. 7th and Sept. 11th–the horrible events that happened on these days affected the whole world–even today. Life goes on but these events and dates and the impact they had on the world will never be forgotten.

    1. Thanks Mom♥

      It has been ten years now since the terrible things that happen in New York city took place and while I do not wish for the memory of those who lost their lives nor the impact of that day to be forgotten…I think it is more disrespectful to only think of that day as something sad and stop life from moving forward.

  2. The quote “time heals everything” is notcompletely correct. “Time” may dull the pain but individual healing from some catastrophic events seems never to be complete. I sincerely hope that you will never have the experience of finding out this “truth” on a personal basis.

    Even so, you are right in the sentiment that one must move on with life after such events and a positive attitude toward the future may be the best medicine.

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