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This Month in 給食 – FINALE: March 2011

With this, my blogging about school lunch comes to a sudden halt. My school lunch ended on a high note as I was able to eat the 6年生の楽しみ給食 (6th grader’s special lunch) that consisted of apple jelly, fried chicken, two hashed potato star thingies, two sweet breads, and all in all yummy things.

I am not sure the reasoning exactly, although I think it has something to do with the power outages and not knowing if they would be able to prepare food as well as the gas “crisis,” but the city decided to cancel school lunch for the rest of the term. I am unsure what this means for the new school term starting in April, but we will just have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “This Month in 給食 – FINALE: March 2011

  1. Hi Katherine–

    We are not some of the hysterical Americans buying up potassium iodide. The news station that we watch with Brian Williams has been having health “experts” on every night almost pleading that people not buy the pills–they keep saying “you don’t need them.” Most of the American press have moved down to Tokyo and they too are saying you don’t need the pills at this time but the hysteria keeps on going. Some people bought it by the case. Since I’m not on Twitter using this space to make comments on your Twitter.

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