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Distance from Power Plant

I am the blue dot

There, for those who think I am being naive and should be running for Okinawa or Kyushu right now, here is a map from the nuclear power plants to where I am located. Notice the nice big number up there with a 2 followed by some other numbers? I am well outside what even the United States is asking in terms of an evacuation radius.

What I find disturbing is that I woke up this morning, checked all my news sources, and read that hysterical Americans have bought up so much potassium iodide that there isn’t a crisis reserve left for Japan…

Not to sound mean and bitchy or anything…but…YOU PEOPLE OVER THERE ARE SAFE! THE RADIATION WOULD NOT CAUSE ANY DAMAGE EVEN IF IT REACHED YOU! There is a whole lot of ocean between Japan and the United States. Do Americans know that Japanese people are not rushing out to buy these pills despite them being in the immediate “danger zone”?

Update at 9:25 a.m. ET. You Don’t Need Potassium Iodide: NPR’s Jon Hamilton talks with experts about using potassium iodide to prevent cancer following radiation exposure. There’s been a run on tablets in the west, although there’s been no radiation danger there to residents. The Surgeon General clarified some comments she made on Tuesday; at first she described potassium iodide purchases as ‘precautionary’, now she says ‘she wouldn’t recommend’ it.

As I am sure you are all aware, the radiation levels are currently dropping. The radiation reading came to 279.4 microsievert per hour at the point roughly 1 kilometer west of the No. 2 reactor at 5 a.m. Friday, compared with 292.2 microsievert per hour at 8:40 p.m. Thursday, shortly after the Special Defense Forces discharged water from fire trucks, according to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.

In other news, the power outages continue as well as the after shocks. I really do feel sea sick these days due to all the shaking – now partly being caused by really strong wind.


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