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Strawberry Cake Kit Kat

strawberry cake!

I really really wanted to get these. I have had good luck with the pink variety Kit Kats, and the wrapping on these were just so cute!

There will soon be a new feature here at Tobidasu! Due to some changes in my health, nothing serious but some things that I should look out for, I will not be eating school lunches anymore *points to angry tweet from earlier today* Instead, I will be making bentos each and every day. Chances are, I will be eating the same thing for an entire week, but I will be replacing This Month in 給食 with [insert witty title TBA] Bentos!

This will include pictures and recipes:) There will probably even be some things that Mom can eat and help her healing process. Here is a little preview:

recent bento

In the bottom container, we have white rice that has been enhanced with vitamins and a pickled plum.

In the top container, there is steamed brocoli, string bean and fried tofu salad, Spanish omelet, fresh strawberries, fried chicken in an orange sauce, and a small stuffed cabbage roll.

February’s lunches end on Monday, and then there are only 18 more days of school lunches – although, I have stopped taking pictures at the Jr. high because a little twit nearly broke my camera a few months back.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Cake Kit Kat

  1. Oh those kit kats look great, I hope they taste great too haha^^/

    I think its generally a good idea to pack a lunch rather than eat a school lunch. School lunches are terrible here, and the ones you’ve been showing don’t look that much better.

    Your bento looks really yummy and full of good things!

  2. We have the computer downstairs now on the kitchen table. Finally I can look at everything and be part of the world.

    I love your bentos–they look so yummy. You got quite a bit in that little container.

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