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This Month in 給食: January 2011

Ug, I have been so busy with wedding plans, elementary school lessons, trying not to strangle the high school couple that makes out in my apartment complex’s parking lot every morning…to blog properly. So, this is a little late, but, here are the lunches for January.

Recently, there has been an increase in school lunches that are heavy in salt – something that my body is not happy about – so I have been making a lot of my own lunches. I am starting to think that the next school year I will just not sign up for school lunch and make my own every day. Sure, that is going to be a lot of extra work for me in the morning…but no sense in signing up for it if I can’t eat a lot of the meals.

The lunch in the red box is my bento lunch box that I put together for myself:D


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