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Beauty and the Beast & Christmas Lights

Christmas Eve I had a party with one of my elementary school teachers that had a gift exchange and various games. I ended up playing a Russian Roulette game that involved cream puffs and only one of them wasn’t filled with wasabi. I picked the non-wasabi one and scored 100 points for my team. Go me! Christmas Day, Jun and I went into Tokyo to see the musical of Beauty and the Beast at the newly built Summer theater.

poster for Beauty and the Beast

I had already seen the musical before, so I was looking forward to see it in Japanese. I was particularly interested in seeing how some of the humor translated. My personal favorite song in terms of its wit, is Gaston’s song entitled simply, “Me.” I was rather disappointed with the Japanese translation of it as all the humor was taken out of it. No dramatic singing of “We shall be the perfect pair, rather like my tighs!” There is also a classic line by Cogsworth that goes, “And, as I always say, “if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!” This was translated as is complete with the katakana pronunciation of Baroque, but no one in the audience got the joke and I had to explain it to Jun at intermission. With that being said, the men who played the Beast and Lumiere made me shiver from their performances. Absolutely brilliant! There was even a special Christmas curtaincall at the end where the entire cast came out and sang some carols.
Christmas tree illumination in Odaiba

After the play, we headed to Odaiba for our Christmas tradition of seeing the illuminations there. It was already around 9 pm when we arrived, so it was a rather short walk through the main ones and then we headed back towards home.
lots and lots of blue lights

When we got home, I was exhausted and hit the shower with every intention of hitting the bed once I got out, but Jun surprised me with some of my favorite hot tea and two delicious cakes made out of chestnuts. So, we ate those while watching some sort of Christmas special and then went to bed.
our Christmas mini cake

And there you have it. How I spent Christmas 2010!


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