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Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy 2010

loot at the giant tree...not the crowd

Yesterday was a super busy and tiring day, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Since we already had a wedding consultation planned for the afternoon, Jun and I decided to spend the morning and after the consultation at Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate an early Christmas. While it was a lot of fun…as you can see from the above picture, it was ridiculously crowded.

little angel!

The best part of the day, for me at least, was watching the Christmas parade. They really leveled the show up this year as Mickey and Minnie were actually ice skating on their float, Goofy was skateboarding, and almost all the dancers were on roller blades. The costumes were also fantastic!
Christmas Fantasy Minnie Mouse!

I especially liked Minnie’s adorable snowflake costume this year. There was even an adorable yet strange dance that went along and everyone in the park was chanting “Let it snow!”
Christmas Fantasy Mickey Mouse!

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures from the parade (over half of them being of Minnie). As always, you can check all those out on my dotphoto page πŸ™‚ The parade also came complete with lots and lots of fake snow that evaporated when it touched anything. But it was fun to play with it.

Due to the crowds, there were not many rides we could go on…unless we wanted to wait an hour and a half to ride something. We did manage to grab fast passes for a few things and caught a few rides before the lines got too long.

Ciderella's castle

Still, the weather was sunny and the air was a little crisp, so it was nice to just walk around and look at all the decorations and catch a few of the street performers. Around 12, we headed over to Hotel Miracosta for our 3 hour wedding planning session. More on that at a later date, but let’s just say that I now have a lot of things to think about and work on in my spare time. At least now I will have something to work on on the airplane trip back to the States on Friday?
Jun and I in front of an adorable Mickey and Minnie statue

We headed back to the park around 5:30 after getting some dinner outside of the park since it was so crowded inside that you would have to wait over an hour just to sit down at any of our favorite in park restaurants. We were able to snag some mango crepes, my personal favorite.

Christmas Fantasy display

We also tried something new this time: drawing classes. At only 500 yen a class, we had always thought about doing it, but never actually got around to signing up for one of the 30 minute sessions. Considering rides were out of the picture this time, we decided to give it a go. Santa Mickey’s class was full, not surprised, but Minnie’s class still had a few openings, so we joined that one. I wish I had done these sooner! It was so much fun and very rewarding.

as drawn by our instructor

It was kind of amazing, not to mention frustrating, that the teacher could draw a perfect circle in one go. Jun never got a decent circle going and pushed down too hard on his pencil and made a dark line instead of a soft one. He thought his Minnie was doomed from the start. But, we both managed to get Minnie’s head done…the clothing was drawn by the teacher in literally 10 seconds, so we kind of just made it up as we went along. There were 5-year-olds in the class as well, but even they were able to produce a decent looking Minnie. Definately something I want to do every time we go to Disneyland.
can you guess who drew which?

We stayed until closing time and then fell asleep the entire way home and finally arrived in bed around 1 am. It was an exhausting day, but it was also very fulfilling.
night time lights


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