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Wedding Plans: The Dresses

now, don't we look excited?

Most of my friends and my family already have seen these pictures, but no sense in not sharing them with everyone else!

Anyway, last month Jun and I had our first fittings at Tokyo Disney Sea. I got to try on three white dresses – although my eyes pretty much went to only one – and three colored dresses – ditto on this too. Jun also got to try on a few outfits. So, how about we get right down to some pictures?

in the dress and getting fake hair!

not a good angle of me...

Out of the dresses I tried on, I like the fluffy white one the best. It reminded me of a less puffy version of the dress from Enchanted. They even put hair pieces and example jewelry on so that I could see what the final look could be like. Unfortunately, the woman who was helping me with the fitting and myself could only laugh at how the colors did not match. It was the first time that I had a corset on and I think now I understand why Hitomi didn’t eat any of the delicious food at her wedding.
second look

This is one of the dresses that I had been eying since the bridal fair last year and, as luck would have it, it was available for our date! Last one actually, so I quickly snatched that one up. The actual color is orange, but there are layers and layers of pink and gold silk on top of it to give it that unique look. I loooooved it!
maybe a third look?

I also loved this dress and it is was inspired by the waves and ocean. It was really pretty, but I felt more like a princess in the other one. If we can manage a third look for the second party, I might have to rent this one for that…
this should have never happened...

This was hideous…and red is really not my color. Jun made me try this one on just for fun. I felt like I was in an opera – and felt ridiculous.

Now, how about some looks for Jun?!

first look!

This is the outfit Jun will wear when I am in my frilly white princess dress. Not sure that the picture does him much justice.
second look

Jun looked very very dashing in this outfit and it looked great when next to my pink dress. Jun was starting to loosen up a bit once he had this on, but he was still a little stiff and awkward. It wasn’t until the next look that he really felt comfortable…tehehe
*giggle giggle*

To get back at Jun for making me try on that red thing, I told him he had to try on something with tights…and a cape. Jun was kind of freaking out over the cape and how much he wanted it. He really really loved it.

And that is that! We have another appointment next weekend where it looks like we are going to be making some more decisions and get all the invitations sorted out. Yay!


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