French Food in Kanazawa – Dinner Edition

welcome to a little taste of France

As I mentioned before, the real reason for the yearly trip down to Kanazawa is more of a yearly pilgrimage to eat at a French restaurant that Jun’s dad’s 8th sense discovered (the sense where you can sense where yummy food is and create a map in your head and follow it type of stuff). Here is the first of two posts of the yummy food we had. Click on any of the images for a larger image – sorry, semi-crappy quality because I took them with my cellphone because I was silly and forgot my camera in the hotel.


One thought on “French Food in Kanazawa – Dinner Edition

  1. It all looks yummy except the salmon mousse, wild boar, etc., and lentils. Presentation is fabulous. The dessert looks super yummy, diabetic nightmare or not. The sweet potato dish looks good. Finally had a sweet potato the other day–they are almost white–I’ve been eating yams (orange) all this time.

    Jun’s dad’s 8th sense is always right on target.

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