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Where has the time gone?

look how much he has grown!

Yesterday was my host brother’s final Sports Day ever. Next year, he will be a high school student where Sports Days are not held. On top of it…next year will also be the last year I am able to attend one of these special days at my host sister is going to be in her final year of Jr. high. It is had to believe that my host siblings have grown up so much…

In the picture above, my host brother is in 5th grade on the left (from when I first came to Japan) and him in his final year of Jr. high on the right (yesterday).


11 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

    1. At the Sports Festival. It was probably close to 40C yesterday and, despite wearing sunscreen, I got burnt just a little on my nose…my back got the worst of it. Been keeping a cold towel and aloe vera on my back all day 😦

  1. I keep looking at the picture but I only see one Rhu and that is now which is a very handsome young man–looks a lot like his mom–don’t see the younger Rhu that you see–will get a picture out and compare.

    Dah to not thinking about the sun at the sports festival. Sunburns are nasty.

  2. No way–that can’t be Rhu–are you sure, the young man in black with red gloves???–how can he have grown that much in such a short time???

    Down pour helps cool things then the humidity starts again I guess. Enjoy the cool while you have it.

    Did Hikari winn the contest?

    1. Yep…that is him! Hard to believe right. He is taller than me now. You probably wouldn’t recognize Ta either – he is going to be in college!

      Hikari’s contest doesn’t start until October 1. Submissions are being taken until the 30th.

  3. Every time I look at this picture of Rhu it just blows my mind–he’s not a little boy any more.

    What does the entry written in Japanese mean?

    1. I know! You would not believe how big they all are now!

      My Japanese update is talking about how I am something called a “rain woman.” Every time I go to elementary school #3, it rains 🙂

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