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The Day I Met a Kitty

soooooooooooooooo cute XD

Japan has always had a lot of wild cats running around and I always feel sorry for them. Sometimes, I will go into a convince store, but some of the 100 yen cat food they are selling, and leave it near the cats I see. Around my apartment (probably because of the giant trash basket bin thing) there are a lot of them and you can hear them late at night fighting with one another. The other day, when Jun and I were coming back from a party at a friend’s house when we spotted a tiny flash of orange and white run across the road followed by a larger brown one. We stopped our bikes to see the most adorable kitten ever.

look at that tail

I probably played with said kitten for about an hour while Jun watched and took pictures. The kitten’s mom turned out to be the other brown cat that had run across the street and would freak out when I picked up her kitten or took it out of view of her. I really wanted to take it home (I think it was a girl), but I knew that financially I could not take care of the poor thing yet, let alone protect Hikari from a kitten in her already fall apart cage. Besides, mama cat would have been devastated.


4 thoughts on “The Day I Met a Kitty

  1. What a cute kitten–you have an attraction for orange and white kitties–guess it is trying to be a manx with that tail.

    How did Hikari do in the contest–she should have won if she didn’t.

    The kitties here are really big now–always get that way after they are neutered.

    Love, Mom

    1. It was sooooo cute! It actually reminded me a lot of Neko.

      Hikari’s contest is a picture contest, so we won’t get the results for a while – entry submissions are being accepted until the 30th.

  2. Oh that kitty looks so fluffy and cute! And friendly! Many of the stray cats in Japan are very wary and just run away. I wouldn’t mind getting another cat now, but yeah they require responsibility haha

    1. The kitten didn’t seem to know any better, but it helped that I had a nice long cat-tail plant to offer it as a toy. Mama cat was hiding under a car the entire time.

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