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Birthday & BONfire Dance at Tokyo Disney Sea

me in front of Mermaid Lagoon

I have a few updates that I need to do, but I thought it would be best to start with the events of yesterday (read: my birthday).

Just like last year, I wanted to go to Disney Sea for my birthday – it is nice to have staff and various people wish you happy birthday. Decided to go without the yukata this year because it was so hot and I wanted to be able to move easier. The park was ridiculously crowded, so we knew that we were not going to have much luck getting on any rides and opted to see all the shows instead.

slightly photoshopped, but still cute

We spent a good portion of the morning in Mermaid Lagoon because it was out of the heat and not very crowded. Once we had cooled down and played around there long enough, we head out and walked around the park a little. We saw Mystic Rhythms, a live theatrical show that takes place in an abandoned hangar that has been reclaimed by the jungle. For those interested, I found a great video on youtube of it:

After the show, we decided to get some lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the park, the Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante, for some pasta and pizza. Jun picked the restaurant for lunch so that we could watch the summer time special show called Chip & Dale’s Cool Service Delux. In a nutshell, Chip and Dale want to be the pranksters they always have been and built a water-shooting boat. During the show, three boats circle around Mediterranean Harbor and douse the audience with ridiculous amounts of water.

Chin and Dale!

We were sitting in the outside section of the restaurant, but water from the show was still able to find its way to us. We ended up participating in the next show and it took several hours to dry off completely due to the water from Chip & Dale’s ship along with the dancer in our area who literally used a fire-hose to spray the audience.
see, I told you!

Despite my dress becoming what felt like 10 times the weight it was dry, being soaking wet at midday felt pretty damn good…until I ran into one of my Jr. high school students not but 5 minutes after. We decided to take advantage of feeling cool, and walked around the park some more before we watched Big Bang Beat – well, I watched it while Jun slept through it. After, we went back to Mediterranean Harbor to watch the Legend of Mythica. I have seen the show more than 10 times now, but it never gets old. This time we got front row seats to Goofy’s section of the show.

all soaking wet and loving it

After the show, we wanted around some more and road a few of the somewhat unpopular rides. There was no line for the milk tea popcorn, so we got some of that to munch on as we walked. Soon, we decided it was time to get spots for the nighttime event – and the main reason for going to Disney Sea – the BONfire dance.

funny...Aladdin doesn't look Arabian to me...

OH…MY…GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOOO MUCH! We actually watched all the shows of the day and you can bet that I danced during all of them. To be honest, I actually did a little bit of practicing at home before going to the park. The show was definitely more extravagant this year than last year with the biggest changes being Mickey and Minnie’s costumes and the addition of the Sultan.

Mickey pre-BONfire dance

Mickey and Minnie made their appearance midshow in lovely white and silver costumes. They did a slow dance routine as the bonfire was being lit. After, the music got a little exciting and some dancers pulled off their white robes to reveal there BONfire dance clothes underneath.
Minnie in her BONfire dance clothes

Needless to say, I was totally geeking out during the performance and Jun seemed to have a good time watching me enjoy myself – too shy to do the dance. I found a great video of the BONfire dance that you all should check out…and dance to!

After dancing and enjoying the show, we road on a few more rides and then did some shopping. I always buy a postcard for the theme of that visit, and this time it is pretty fancy if I do say so myself.


After getting the postcard, we made one more stop before heading home. A few visits to Disney Sea ago, I saw a vintage Minnie doll that I instantly fell in love with. Well, Jun thought it would be an appropriate addition to my birthday if I bought her.
isn't she adorable?!

And that, in quick summary, is how I spent my 25th birthday. I took over 200 pictures and you can find them all at my Dotphoto page.


2 thoughts on “Birthday & BONfire Dance at Tokyo Disney Sea

  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating your special day at DisneySea (perfect way to spend the day I think XD) And the shows look so cool! I wish I had time/money to get there during this trip :/ I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks wearing a yukata is actually hotter!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love Disneysea. I’ve only been there once, but I feel like it would be a great place to spend birthdays. Sucks that the rides were crowded, though. It just bothers me when people wear dresses to amusement parks, though, unless you were already planning not to ride anything.

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