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Squirrel Gluttony

simply amazing

Found this at one of my favorite stores (which is sadly going out of business). For those of you who cannot read the text, here is what it says:


squirrel’s speech bubble: This taste has got me! It warms the cockles of the heart…

If the shirt had a better cut (it kind of bellowed out at the bottom) I would have paid the 900 yen to add it to my wardrobe.

fancy text: There is no accounting for taste, so choose your own

text at the bottom: HERE IS A TASTE! which as spread all over the world


2 thoughts on “Squirrel Gluttony

  1. It warms the what of the heart?!

    haha! Well the squirrels around me in MN are certainly gluttons and really crabby to boot. They just sit in the tree and yell at us when we go outside.

  2. The squirrels in our yard in California are great–fun to watch and they have to share the yard with the wild turkeys who try and chase them away. I feed the turkeys so the squirrels come and pick out what they want from the chicken scratch.

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