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Cooking with Katherine : Baumkuchen

yummy yummy

Also known as the “King of Cakes,”[1] Baumkuchen is a kind of layered cake. It is a traditional dessert in many countries throughout Europe and is also a popular snack in Japan. The characteristic golden rings that appear when sliced give the cake its German name, Baumkuchen, which literally translates to “tree cake.” Baumkuchen is one of the most popular pastries in Japan, where it is called バウムクーヘン (baumukūhen), or often erroneously, バームクーヘン (bāmukūhen). Today it is a popular return present in Japan for wedding guests because of its ring form. Please, don’t everyone send me one of these!

Now, what I made it not nearly as elegant as the above picture, but a simple version and a way to make banana pudding in under 15 minutes! I got the recipe from a Japanese TV program that I watch almost religiously called 時短生活ガイドSHOW (Time Shortening Lifestyle Guide).

for the cake
flour 60g
corn starch 40g
sugar 80g
butter 30g
ice cream (any flavor but rum raisin is recommended) 6 tbsp
2 eggs
chocolate (however much you want for filling)

banana pudding
1 banana
cinnamon/ cinnamon sugar to taste

NOTE: I am not sure where you can get one, but having a square frying pan is almost essential for making this. I am sure you could do it in a regular frying pan, but I love my square one that I usually use for making tamagoyaki.

In a mixing bowl, put butter and ice cream and then microwave it for 1 minute.
Put all the dry ingredients and eggs in the ice cream-butter mixture and mix well.
The following will be explained in pictures.

Place the now finished cake on a plate and let it cool before cutting. (I got too impatient and cut mine right away)

all done and with chocolate oozing out

Now for the pudding!

Place the banana in a toaster over and toast it for 12 minutes (no, I am no joking). You banana should come out looking like this:

behold the black banana!

The inside of the banana should be soft enough for you to scoop out with a spoon and mash in a bowl with a little bit of cinnamon/cinnamon sugar.
instant banana pudding

This is my first time trying a recipe from this show and I was not disappointed. I think I need to try some of the entrée recipes next. Who doesn’t want to be able to make a 3 course meal in under 30 minutes?!

Rating and a half

Not bad for a dessert made in under 15 minutes!


5 thoughts on “Cooking with Katherine : Baumkuchen

  1. Yummy, Yummy, probably a diabetic nightmare but can you make it when you come home. Black banana–I guess you could also use one that has been sitting on your counter too long and is very soft.

    Take a picture of your new hairdo.

    1. I can make it for you (got a square pan?). I think I want to try making it with jam in the middle instead of chocolate.

      I am trying to grow my hair out for the wedding, so there is not much of a change. Pictures don’t really do the treatment justice 😦

  2. Jam would be much better I bet. I have a cherry berry that I got at Costco–haven’t opened it yet, been having a slice of toast with it at the coffee shop.

    I’m sure there must be a square pan, the one we used for a small box of brownies. I call those pan baking pans, not an electric skillet.

  3. I looked at your pictures again–that is almost like a griddle that you cook pancakes on–that is a really neat skillet–also looks like it might be heavy. I don’t have anything like that–I’ll look around and see if I come across one. Will check with Betsy–that have a ton of stuff–always entertaining and having people stay at their house.

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