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Cool Weekend in Yamanashi

in the mountains of Yamanashi

Jun’s family shares a sort of second home with several people down in Yamanashi. The home itself is a log cabin that they built in the middle of the woods on top of a mountain. The log cabin is very minimalistic with the first floor consisting of a large living room area and kitchen with bathroom and bath. There is also a loft area that is mostly used for sleeping. Near the home is a small river that is fun to play around in. It has been ungodly hot recently, so I was a little uneasy about going down there since the log cabin doesn’t have air conditioning, but I ended up needing almost two blankets to keep warm at night.

Jun being all manly cutting wood

The main purpose of the gathering was to do some small renovations and maintenance to the place. Jun and I started by going down to the river and picking up any trash that happened to be down there and then helped paint the house. Well, by paint I mean add a new layer of lacquer to it. Jun and I painted a small “hut” that is used for BBQs and extra sleeping space if needed. We also helped carry logs up from the river to the house where we then pretended to be lumberjacks and chopped them in half. Knowing that I would probably hurt myself, I decided to just cheer on the guys as they did it.
my new friend Hachi

This cutie is my new Pembroke Welsh Corgi friend named Hachi. He and I got along really well and by the end of the first day he did not want to leave me side. Saturday night, a small storm hit Yamanashi with lots of rain, thunder, and lightening. Poor Hachi freaked out and tried to hide anywhere he could to avoid the sound and flash of white light. Reminded me a little of what happens to Marley, just not as extreme.
a blue bug

I rediscovered this weekend that Japanese seem to have an “unhealthy” interest in bugs – this is coming from someone who doesn’t like bugs mind you. Sure, I’ll look at them, but please don’t surprise me and then try to make me hold them! The above blue bug was something that appeared on the porch and we had to save it from Hachi. Anyone happen to know what bug it is?
looks delicious, but is apparently poisonous

Despite being one of the youngest people there, it was nice to be able to “escape” for a weekend away from the heat and any stress related to the area. The smells and just being in a forest reminded me of being back home in the States.


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