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First Wedding Celebrations

handmade ring pillow given to me by a friend

While the wedding is still over half a year away, many of my friends are wanting to start some celebrating already. On Tuesday, one of my IPC members (orientation group I lead at my university in Oregon), name Chifumi, organized a small get-together for Jun and I. The main purpose was for her to give me the ring pillow she had been working on for a few months now (see above picture). Not only was the ring pillow lovely, she also got a card and had many of our friends sign it.

love you guys!

Due to final exams and job hunting, the gather was only 5 people, but it was nice to just chat over dinner for several hours.
good job on the card!

Nothing new to report in terms of wedding prep, but we should be expecting a call from Disney Sea in the next month or so about our next consultation. Guess Jun and I need to get our “homework” finished…


6 thoughts on “First Wedding Celebrations

  1. What beautiful work your friend does. The time will fly by–March 2011 will be here before you know it.

    1. I know! It seems a little unreal. Jun and I just went over the timeline for when we need to get things done and it still seems like far away…

      Found another money saver! My very artistic co-worker, Cesar, is going to make the wedding invitations/all paper things. When we did the math, that will save us around $1000 plus. Going to work on them tomorrow at work 🙂

  2. How many people are you inviting? What is included in the Disney Sea package?

    Jane is back East for three weeks–she is also complaining about the heat and humidity back there–it is hard to go to a lot of places when you have lived in California for a long time–at least we don’t have the humidity and where we live not a lot of really hot days!!!

  3. Man, Chifumi is so talented! She made me a keitai strap before I left Japan, and it was beautiful. You’re so lucky to have such a caring IPC member.

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