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Miso and Chocolate

miso flavor Kit Kat from Nagoya

This Kat Kat comes from my friend Charlie. He is currently living near and working near Nagoya where he found these beauties.

Nagoya is famous for using ‘miso’ (a sauce made from fermented soybeans) as a cooking ingredient other than in the making of miso-soup.

Nagoya has several 名物 meibutsu, or famous food specialties, and unlike American meibutsu (Boston clam chowder, Chicago pizza, Seattle coffee), it’s very, very hard, if not impossible, to find these foods outside their home city.

Most of Nagoya’s meibutsu have to do with miso. Miso varies from city to city and shop to shop, but in general, Tokyo’s is whitish, thin, and light, and when used in soup splits into a clear soup with a cloud of miso in the center when you let it sit. Nagoya’s miso soup, however, is a thick, filling, brown, salty stew. Nagoya’s miso is known as red miso (赤味噌・aka miso) and is way too salty for me to eat.

I’m not sure I approve of miso being used as a Kit Kat flavor.


6 thoughts on “Miso and Chocolate

  1. I am very curious about this. I like miso. I like chocolate. Do I like miso chocolate? I don’t know but I want to find out haha!

    I’m not sure who it was, but someone was telling me recently that miso is kinda sweet and can be used with sweet foods. I think this topic deserves further research XD

  2. Dosen’t sound like something I want to try. Do you ever turn on your room air conditioner. We are having a heat wave here–near 100 today and thru the weekend–at least we don’t have the humidity.

  3. Is there a way you can get solar energy? Guess the landlord would have to install it so that was a wasted idea. Who is Pam–haven’t heard her name before. It got to be around 100 today–fortunately it cools down at night so we open all the windows then shut everything up again in the morning.

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