Little Surprises♥


A message left by one of my 5th graders for me to find after class.

一学期ありがとうキャサリン♥ (ichi gakki arigatou kyasarin)
Thank you for first semester Katherine♥


2 thoughts on “Little Surprises♥

  1. Hi Katherine–

    Glad to hear you won’t have that long trek as often next year. Things seem to be looking up.

    Winston is sitting here on the window sill trying to get a moth that is on the outside. It is too bad that Big Boy isn’t here–he was the champion insect catcher as long as the insects were on the inside. William and Winston spend the whole day chasing a fly in the house.

    Seems like everything is breaking at once–the microwave has been on the skids for a while–finally found something that will fit where the old one was; the siding on the kitchen side of the house roted out, just had all that replace, have to get a new deck next year; my car needed tires and other expensive maintenance; daddy’s car stopped on him, still haven’t had it towed to see exactly what the problem is and tonight the TV downstairs finally died–it had a long life–30 years.

  2. I left a message on the entry after this one–can’t find it or my message–don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

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