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When Nameri takes a day off

As I have mentioned before, my mascot is a banana slug (magnet) that my students have named Nameri. Truth is that I simply forgot to bring her, but I told students that she caught a cold and couldn’t make it to class.

One of my 5th grade classes felt that it wasn’t English class without Nameri, so they drew this picture on the board.

a sick Nameri as drawn by my 5th graders

The blue text says ナメリ欠席 (Nameri kesseki) which means “Nameri is absent.”
The black text says かぜ(kaze) which means “cold” – as in being sick. The other black text says ゴホゴホ(goho goho) which is the Japanese sound effect for coughing.

Glad to know that my mascot is so loved!


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