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Welcome to my (second) Classroom!

yeah baby!

So, I mentioned a while ago that one of my elementary schools gave me my own classroom to teach in. Recently, my other elementary school decided that I should have my own classroom. While I have had little time to decorate it because I am jumping between three schools, my tanto (担当) – read “teacher in charge of me” – and I were able to talk about ways we thought we could turn this


into this
classroom all decorated!

The clocks on the walls show different times from all over the world. The kids were really excited about them and, surprise surprise, they had no idea that time was different depending on the country. The fact that it is still yesterday in America threw the kids for a loop. So cute. So naive.

welcome to my classroom

Sorry the picture is so dark. This is the entrance to my classroom. The pictures and words on the side are all the world greetings that the students “study” in 英語ノート. As should be expected, no classroom would be complete without a banana slug!

I am very happy with the results and have to give major brownie points to Mami-sensei (my tanto) for getting all the decorations done. I did the entrance decorations, but she did the rest after we talked about possible things to do. Going to the school only once a week doesn’t give me a lot of time to help with decorating, but it is probably for the best that the school was able to play a big part in the process.

Looking forward to second semester in my fancy classroom!

Also, yay for finally getting some chairs in there! It made a big difference with my 5th graders. Sitting on the floor was too distracting for them to deal with.


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