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New Shoes!

ballet flats and fancy sandals

Like I have mentioned before, I never really paid attention to fashion much before I came to Japan as an exchange student. Now, I got nuts over cute shoes and clothes – note to self, need to throw away old clothes. Anyway, today after work, I decided to take my time going home and road my bike through some cute residential areas until I ended up at the big strip mall in my area. I browsed a few shops and thought about trying on some clothes but decided against it as I was all sweaty from the bike ride. I spent most of my time in a shoe store looking at a pair of adorable ballet flats in canary yellow.

close up on the ribbon detail on the front

side view

My real goal for going to the shoe store was to buy a pair of sandals to wear during the summer. Well…I found a pair of sandals, but I am not sure how practical they are for extended periods of walking. They will, however, look fabulous with my yukata for all the fireworks festivals this summer v(^皿^♪)

side view
close up of the jewel flower detail

I have to be honest…I have too many shoes. Several of them I almost never wear and really should donate them or something. I thought about letting my host sister have a go at my shoes seeing as we used to have the same shoe size…but she is now two sizes bigger than me. Go figure.


5 thoughts on “New Shoes!

  1. TWO SIZES BIGGER? Jeeeeez she’s getting big. Man I remember at the graduation, I could pick her up. I bet she’s too tall for that now…she must be what, thirteen? Starting to look at high schools?


    So fast.

    Those ballet flats are adorable! But I really like the sandals, too. I don’t own enough shoes, part of the problem with still being a student, no money for anything fancy! All I do is go to the movies.

  2. Back in the day when I was your age I also went crazy for shoes, now all my feet do is yell “don’t put those on my feet.” Wear and enjoy them as long as you can because if you have inherited my feet and my grandmother’s feet it is not a pretty site.

    Back in the day I remember wearing 3″ heals–ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

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