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This Month in 給食: June 2010

June is over and that means another month of school lunch has also gone by. There are only about 2 more weeks of school until “summer vacation.” Summer vacation for me and my co-workers (ALTs) means that we go to the main office and sit for 3 hours everyday – no work to do. Yep, no vacation what-so-ever. Ridiculous if you ask me.

Anyway, how about some food. This month I ate a lot of melon. I missed the cherry day because they were being served at my elementary school while I was at the Jr. high…eating melon. At one of my elementary schools I had my picture in the school paper along with a caption saying that my favorite school lunch is cocoa age-pan (think a cocoa powder-covered doughnut). When I was asked what my favorite lunch was, I really was not sure what to say, so a student recommended I say cocoa age-pan. Sure, why not? Cocoa age-pan can be found in the second row from the bottom.


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