Will A Miracle Occur Today?

let's go Japan!

2 thoughts on “Will A Miracle Occur Today?

  1. Japan played their game and very well too. Once more, the Referee, for me, pretty much ruined the game. Unnecessary yellow cards for minor infractions and no call for a major incident. Also, had Japan won, the yellow cards given would have completely crippled the team for having any chance against the winner of the Spain Portugal match by excluding key players.

    Japan should be supportive of all players especially the poor guy (your favorite?) who missed the penalty kick. Someone, sometime had to miss one – its just too bad he was chosen for that honor. You know how it feels at a simple tournament. Imagine how he must feel about missing in the World Cup.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dad. I have to agree that the referees are kind of ruining the World Cup for me. Some of them have been fine, but mostly they seem to be taking away from the momentum of the game and pretty much screw teams over. Poor England totally lost its spark after the BALL THAT WENT INTO THE NET was not a goal. Japan really played a great game – probably the best I have seen them play. No one thought they were even going to make it out of the first round.

      The poor guy who missed the PK is not my favorite. Rumor is that my favorite player would have been kicker number 5. Most of the people I talk to are not sure why Komano was even the initial 5 to take PKs – several great PK/free kick players left to use. No one seemed angry about it today – mostly just sad that Japan played so well and lost.

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