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Two Lesson Plans & a Rant

Before getting into the past two 5th grade lesson plans, I have a few complaints.

First, ever wonder what it would be like to live underwater and/or have the sensation that you are more along the lines of swimming when you are actually walking? Well, I now know how that feels. Today’s humidity absolutely insane beyond belief. I woke up this morning drenched and feeling absolutely terrible. I felt even worse when I started moving around in morning preparation and 10 times as worse when I thought about the 7 km bike ride to work. I took my temperature and found that I had a slight fever, so I took that as a sign to just take the day off. I probably would have passed out on the bike ride to the Jr. high school anyway. My electric bill will probably not be a happy site, but at least I am able to relax, keep coolish, and fight my little cold. One of my co-workers texted me this morning telling me the story of his morning commute in which he became drenched with sweat, changed clothes upon his arrival, but quickly became drenched again as the school “is not allowed to turn on the air conditioning yet.” Give me a break! Do the schools want teachers and students alike to die from heat stroke?

I am having a blast watching World Cup games. I am bummed that USA got knocked out and the prospect that Japan is going to follow suit soon is likewise sad, I am more upset by the poor officially in recent matches. What happened to the good ones at the beginning of the tournament?! Does FIFA purposely hire blind refs??!! How much more blatant does offsides (Argentina) or a ball inside the goal (England) need to be??!! Sure, Germany was the better team last night as England was kind of playing like crap, but I was booing right along with all the fans in the stadium when England was denied a goal that would have leveled the match at 2-2 just before half-time. America also had a goal taken away for an offisides that wasn’t offisides – or was it a foul? I am not sure the ref ever came clean with what call he made. At this moment, FIFA and it’s World Cup credibility are on the line. FIFA needs to get its head out of its @$$ and bring in video replay. One thing is for sure, the German captain was happy that there was no use of technology in the game.

/end rant

Greet with students
Review numbers 1 – 10 and teach numbers 11 – 20.
Let’s Sing 【Ten Steps】& 【Twenty Steps】
Play 【Time Bomb】

Students are put in their lunch groups. The first person says a series of numbers (ex. 1, 2). The next person continues on and can say an additional one, two, or three numbers (ex. 3, 4, 5). Continue around the group until one person is forced to say “20.” The person who is forced to say “20” must now make an exploding noise.

bet you can't guess what animal it is!

Let’s Listen pg 18
Teach the expression “How many?”

I did the same thing that I did with my 6th graders in terms of using animal cards to illustrate the new English expression. After counting all the animals, we moved on to things around the classroom just for some extra practice. There was very little time to do the next game in 英語ノート, so I had my students prep so that we could go right into it at the start of the next lesson.

Review and say good-bye with students.

Greet with students
Review numbers 1-20 & “How many?”

the kids really got into this

Let’s Play Game 1

Students write numbers between 1 and 20 inside the squares of the pyramid. Next, students find a partner and ask that partner, “How many?” Their partner then picks a number from their own pyramid and says it. If the students has that number, they color in the square. If they do not have the number or they have already colored it in, they do nothing. Students then switch roles. Students keep asking until they have all the blocks colored in.英語ノート explains to do this game via rock-paper-scissors, but I found that to be depressing for the kids who have bad luck on the day and therefore have no chance of finishing the game.

Play 【Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion】

In a nut shell, all the students play rock-paper-scissors against the ALT until there is only one student left and they become the new champion. On more than one occasion, I ended up defeating the entire class…so I became the “new” champion. This actually got the kids even more excited as now they were all determined to defeat me…even if it took two more tries to do so.

Snakes and Ladders via 英語ノート

Play 【Snakes and Ladders】

Pretty sure everyone out there knows how to play Snakes and Ladders, so I will just go into what makes this version different. Students move their game pieces according to how they win with rock-paper-scissors. Rock – 3 spaces, paper – 1 space, scissors – 2 (although my numbering changed depending on my mood).

Review and say good-bye with students


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  1. You know, I think I picked a good time to live in Japan–the humidity was at a tolerable level when I was there (except for the first week or so). I don’t envy you. You must miss the west coast and it’s dry heat.

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