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Now, an Important Message

Thank you Suntory for the lovely message

Found on a glass at a karaoke box.


7 thoughts on “Now, an Important Message

  1. Hi Katherine–

    Like the giant banana slug. It breaks my heart that you have to sit there and starve until students come and get you–I thought the usual practice was for students and teachers to eat separately–so everyone has their own space.

    When you come home in November we can go to an outdoor store and get some proper rain gear–can’t you take public transportation in this hot, humid, rainey weather?

    1. Hi Mom –

      The way lunch works at school is that the homeroom teacher always eats with the kids. Food comes from the lunch center and kids distribute it out to their classmates – this is what takes forever! There is always one teacher in the room with the kids, but the rest of the teachers eat in the teachers’ room peacefully. I was a part of that group until I came to this school and they do not seem to take the hint that I would like to not eat with the students anymore.

      I would take public transportation…if there was any that went to the school. There is a bus…but I’d still have to walk 20 – 30 minutes to the school from the bus stop. It’s either that or I bike 40 minutes.

  2. Hi Katherine–

    It dosen’t seem right that there is not a bus or train stop close to a school–do they expect the students to walk another 20+ minutes to get to the school. With the excellent public transportation that Japan has what is the point if it dosen’t get you close to your destination–something is terribly wrong in this picture.

    Here in America there are bus stops next to each school.

    1. Actually, that is exactly what they expect students to do. Most of my students bike to the school as well. There is one teacher who takes a bus and walks the 20 minutes to the school. The school only has 5 classes as apposes to almost every other school that has twice as many numbers, so the public transportation system is not very concerned with sending a bus close to the school.

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