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Toys are Going to the Dogs

It walks, it waddles, it’s cute, and it pees! This new toy won’t hit the shelves until the summer and while I do not necessarily want it…maybe it will make for an amusing souvenir?

There is also a toy that translates your dog’s barking. You may think I am joking, but I am dead serious. It was featured on Japanese TV about a month ago.

Doggie says 『I am about to pee on your carpet!』

Developed by Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy company, this little gadget is supposed to translate your dog’s feelings into words you can understand. The gadget can tell you if your dog is sad, joyful, alert to danger, needy, happy or frustrated. The $215 gadget can be placed on the dog’s collar and includes a receiver which would translate the dogs’ barks. The translated bark is displayed on the receiver which also plays in audio phrases like “I feel sad” or “Leave me alone.”

What do you think, Mom? Your pet sitting clients be interested?σ(゚ー^*)


5 thoughts on “Toys are Going to the Dogs

  1. That dog translator reminds me of Up!

    Now I’m just imagining it going ‘SQUIRREL’ and ‘Hi there.’

  2. The peeing dog is over the top–looks like there are several, one also poops.

    The dog with the thingy around its neck–those don’t work for very long, the dog gets used to the little shock it gets and then the neighbors are leaving nasty notes on the door–it happened with Radar–got some really nasty notes with some really insulting things about the owners–like they don’t have an IQ bigger than their shoe size.

    Their is also one that sprays something when the dog barks–again the dog get used to the spray and keeps barking.

    1. I think you need to check the description again…the thing around the neck is not something that shocks the dog when it barks…it translates the barks – no shocking. tehehe

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