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Let’s Play with Numbers!

Things went much smoother at the one elementary school this week. I think the mommy voice really left an impression on the kids – which will probably be very temporary. 6th graders seemed to be relieved that we are now putting the alphabet behind us and moving on to big numbers. I can’t blame them. I was starting to hate the alphabet myself – that 6th grade lesson will be coming tomorrow.

greet with students

Also took the opportunity to pass out the Naruto inspired sheet and reviewed it with the kids

Teach number 1 – 10

Almost every single kid knows how to count to ten in English. The problem is pronunciation of certain numbers like “seven” and “three.”

how to do 『Ten Steps』

Play 【Key Word (Number) Game】
Sing 【Ten Steps】

OMG, last year I hated doing this song so much. Disliked the dance even more. However, it did get the kids to remember how to count and pronounce things better. I still have 6th graders who go through the motions of the dance sometimes when they want to remember how to say a number correctly. The song goes: 1 (hands on head) 2 (hands on shoulders) 3 (hands on hips) 4 (hands on knees) 5 (hands on hips) 6 (hands on shoulders) 7 (clap above your head) and repeat. 8 (hands back on head) 9 (hands on shoulders) 10 (hands on hips) and repeat. Then, go back to saying 1234567.

numbers and ways of counting in other languages!

Let’s Listen

I think that maybe, just maybe, they actually got semi-native speakers for this activity. Still, some of the voices were pretty annoying. Kids seemed to have no problem with this activity and most of the kids enjoyed learning how to count in other languages. The only problem I had was when the kids heard the Spanish word for 5 (cinco) several boys started laughing and said chinko – the Japanese word for penis.

one of the more confusing activities in 英語ノート

Let’s Play 1

Last year I did not have the teacher’s manual for 英語ノート, so I did not really know how to do this activity myself. Thankfully, my elementary school teachers did not know how to do it either, so we kind of just made up how to play. Previously, I did not notice the 12 block picture above the activity (talk about poor layout!) so I thought the book had made a mistake with the 2×2 figure being 5. One bright student noticed the above diagram and pulled me aside to ask me about how to play. He then explained to me that, maybe, the way to do this activity is to see how many times the one shape fits into the other one. Go figure. The point of the activity is to show the kids how people count in different countries. I made a giant cut out of the 12 square shape in the book along with colored ones of the others. After students tried the activity for themselves, I asked for some volunteers to come to the front and show the rest of the class the answers.

review and say good-bye with students


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