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My Favorite Yogurt

Aloe and Yogurt flavor

Aloe is my favorite type of yogurt. I discovered the taste when I moved to Japan and I have it almost everyday for breakfast with some cereal and a cup of coffee. This morning as I was eating my yogurt and cereal combination, I tried really hard to picture the flavor as a chocolate, but just could not see it working well. I could be wrong, but the thought of yogurt mixed with chocolate does not sound very tasty. This, just like bitter almond flavored one, is linked with TBC. This one also has collagen “supplements” in it…sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Yogurt

  1. Well, that’s… different. Not necessarily in a good way, but definitely different. I’m trying to imagine a yogurt and chocolate combination and I just can’t quite think of anything that isn’t sketchy and unappetizing.

    1. It gets even better. A site that I follow does reviews of Japanese snacks and she just reviewed this Kit Kat. Here is part of the review:
      This bar boasts a better claim and that is that it contains collagen. Collagen is something which you see plastered on many products in Japan because consumption of it supposedly promotes skin elasticity, and as I’ve mentioned before, Japanese women are bonkers for skin health. The thing is, the collagen in this bar does not come from aloe or yogurt. One of the ingredients is pork gelatin. Yeah, this bar is fortified with pig connective tissue and it appears higher on the ingredient list than aloe.

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