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Banana Slugs are Edible?

the world's second largest slug

Growing up in Santa Cruz, I used to listen to a group called the Banana Slugs that did children songs about various things. The university’s mascot is a banana slug. When we took the kids on short hikes at soccer camp, we would count all the banana slugs we saw (I think the best was over 100). I have a banana slug magnet which my students have names Nameri-chan. Students are very upset when I forget to bring her to class or do not put her next to the date on the chalkboard. Yes, I am no stranger to banana slugs.

However, it took Japanese television to teach me that they are edible…

Start around 20 seconds and watch for a few minutes. I personally never want to try a fried banana slug…ever. I think I am having some reverse culture shock∑( ̄ロ ̄|||)なんと!?!


8 thoughts on “Banana Slugs are Edible?

  1. WOW! I am definitely not as familiar with banana slugs as you, but the occasional trip to Santa Cruz (one of my favorite spots:) and my 5th grade camp week at (then) Camp Campbell, I feel like I have seen my fair share of the yellow critter. Never knew they were edible, what a trip! I love that your students enjoy your banana slug magnet so much.

  2. OMG–wonder why we never heard that banana slugs are edible? Can’t get myself to watch the video–I’m just going to keep the image I have of the slugs and continue to watch where I walk as to not step on them.

    Poor banana slugs!

    1. I don’t know. I seriously thought the Americans were joking around, but they put them in water to get off all the goo, boiled them, and then deep fried them on a stick.

      Santa Cruz would probably go on strike if people started eating them.

  3. Oh god.

    I hate slugs, but ewww. Why would anyone want to eat one? I couldn’t watch the video, I’m sorry, I don’t have the stomach for it.

    I never knew they were edible but I doubt I’ll ever taste one.

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