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Elementary School Sports Day Take 2

that is one happy and adorable little girl

Last month, all my schools had their sports days. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend all three of them because two landed on the same day. Seeing as one was at a school I have almost been to for three years while the other was at a school I have only been at for a few months. Kids at the elementary school had been asking me since school started if I was going to come and cheer them on, so I knew my decision had already been made for me*゚。+(n´v`n)+。゚* ニィ-

now THAT is pretty impressive

I am not going to go into nearly as much information as I did previously, but I will instead highlight some of the differences between the two. While the general flow of the two sports days was the same, there were some new games that made their appearance.

how cute is that?!

The first graders did the most adorable relay race I have ever seen and I wish I had come up with the idea while I was coaching soccer back in Santa Cruz. The kids were in two and they had to share a pair of GIANT boxers (one kid per leg). They then had to run around a few cones before handing over the boxers to the next two. It was so cute!
yep, then are running on the backs of others

There was a game that the 6th graders did that literally made my jaw drop. First, two kids ran across the backs of their classmates across the field. At the other end was one last obstacle to do…
climb up a pole and place a hat on top

probably my favorite picture from the day

There was also another relay event that included grades 4, 5, and 6 in a three-legged race.
you go girl!

This actually made me the happiest of all – a girl being the leader of one of the teams! I am pretty sure that this is the first time I have seen a girl put in this position out of all the sports days I have been to. This particular student is actually one of my favorites (I have a lot of them though) and I was really excited when I heard she was taking on the leader role. What’s even better is that she lead her team to victory!

With that, we will call it a wrap on this year’s sports days – at least until my host siblings have theirs(*’∀`*)ノ


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