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Tokyo Disneyland’s 『Easter Wonderland』

welcome to Easter Wonderland!

As if spending a day at Tokyo Disney Sea was not enough to brighten my spirits, the next day Jun and I went to Tokyo Disneyland with his family. Just like at Disney Sea, the park was ridiculously crowded, but we were able to grab fast passes for almost all the rides we wanted to ride. Last time I was at Disneyland, the theme was Power of Music. This time, Tokyo Disneyland decided to try something new: Easter.

some cute Easter bunnies from the parade

Why Easter? Well, I am not sure if Easter was the original idea as much as it was related to the fact that Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland was released in theaters in Japan around the time that the Easter Wonderland theme took over. Even during the Easter parade, there was a segment where the dancers went around wishing everyone a very merry un-birthday. Still, I’m not complaining – the parade and decorations were adorable! We had seats in the from row, so I got to shake hands with the dancers as they went around greeting everyone. I felt special.

Mickey leading a herd of Easter bunnies

Not only was the parade adorable, but the park also brought many Alice inspired lolitas to the park.

one of the many Alice inspired looks seen during the weekend

There was also a cute and clever way to incorporate some “traditional” Easter activities, namely doing a good-old Easter Egg Hunt! You were given a map of the park with several areas labeled with an Easter egg along with a set of 5 Easter egg stickers to put on the map when you found an egg. Now, there were more than 5 eggs located in the park, so you had to read the clues to figure out which eggs were real ones.

Snow White and her 7 Easter

Stitch as an egg
close up on Dopey

We managed to find all our Easter eggs and were rewarded with some Easter egg prizes – I got lucky and got Minnie and Mickey ones! It was really cute seeing all the kids running around the park with their maps trying to find the Easter eggs. Jun’s sister and I had fun trying to guess what character would appear on the next egg based on the clue and where it was located.

lobby area of the Crystal Palace

We were planning on having breakfast at a restaurant inside the park called Crystal Palace because you could greet with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, but it was already full and the wait was too long by the time we got inside. So, we went for lunch instead and had all you can eat yummies.

There was also one other show and parade, but we only caught the tail end of it. It was not nearly as extravagant as the other one and only featured Minnie and a few cast members from Alice in Wonderland.

Minnie, looking cute as usual

We stayed at the park until the electrical parade before calling it a night and heading home – my spirits fully healed.

photo thanks to Jun

To finish things off, here is a video of the Easter parade. The music is really catchy and I still have the “hop hop” portion stuck in my head.

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to you!

Once again, all pictures taken can be found on my Dotphoto page, so be sure to check those out.

Also! I made a new blog called Tale as Old as Time where I will be posting a daily picture of something related to Disney. I mainly did this because every time I go to a Disney park, I end up taking over 300 pictures and I cannot share all of them on this blog. I probably have 3 years worth of pictures right now…haha. Be sure to check it out.


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland’s 『Easter Wonderland』

  1. I’m jealous, Katherine, I could do with going to Disneyland right now. Do you guys have memberships? Do they even do that in Japan?

    1. Good thing my wedding is at Disney Sea then 🙂

      There are memberships (the year round passports), but if we got one we would have to get two separate ones – one for Disney Sea and one for Disneyland. That would cost more money than us paying to go each time.

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