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Tokyo Disney Sea’s 『Spring Carnival : FINALE!』

one of the many flower displays

I have been so terrible about updating my blog recently

Of course, I could blame this on various things, but I will just spare you all and get on to some happier things (read: Disney related!).

So, due to the fact that I have been so sick recently (today is the first day that I did not wake up feeling like my throat was on fire) Jun thought it would be a good idea to lift my spirits some. When the usual late night gift of Haagen Dazs ice cream didn’t work, he knew it was time for something a little more drastic: a trip to Disney Sea and Disney Land. Now, before you all start thinking I am nuts for going there while I was sick, if I had even the slightest of fever, we were calling off the trip. It must have been the prospect of being able to do something fun and something that I enjoy very much, but my health improved drastically over the week before Disney Sea. In fact, I was the one waking Jun up instead of the other way around.

Tinkerbell...and two other fairies

better view of the entire fairy float

Now, this Spring Carnival theme is nothing new. When my mom was in Japan last year we went to Disney Sea and got to see the Spring Carnival theme then. The show didn’t change with the exception of the addition of Terence, but it was still very fun to watch. This year, I practiced the dance at home so I could have it down for the show – it isn’t that complicated, so it didn’t take very long to learn. Dancing got me a hug from Minnie, sadly no picture, so I guess all the practice paid off!


Unfortunately, the park was so crowded that almost every single ride worth riding had a 2 – 3 hour wait for it. We managed to get fast pass tickets for the Tower of Terror but, by the time we were able to get our next batch of tickets, they were all gone for the entire day.

I know, we look adorable

Still, there was plenty to do. We saw every show in the park and just enjoyed walking around. Jun heard from one of his job orientations with Disney that there is often always a hidden Mickey shaped flower or leaf in the park and that no cast member will tell you its locations, so we decided to search for it and search we did. We gave up around the Cape Cod are however. Park has too many plants for its own good! We also wandered around the special area for Tinkerbell and her friends and had fun watching the fairies talk to Japanese kids in English. Some of them got flustered, some were able to at least say “hell” back, and one little boy started to cry because he couldn’t understand.

Tinkerbell bush

Once again, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures (over 300 to be precise) and you can find all of those over at my Dotphoto page listed in my links.


6 thoughts on “Tokyo Disney Sea’s 『Spring Carnival : FINALE!』

  1. Oh it looks really lovely, the spring carnival features^^ I plan on going to DisneySea next week, will they still have the Spring Carnival?

    Do the cast member usually speak in English, or were they just teasing the poor kids? haha^^

    1. Spring Carnival is going on until the end of June, so you should be fine.

      As a rule, foreign cast members playing Disney characters are not allowed to speak Japanese to the park visitors – they have to speak English. Apparently, it breaks the illusion or something if they do speak Japanese.

  2. I love Disney Sea so much, and the Spring Carnival looks great. I want to plan a trip to Kawagoe sometime this fall or winter (thank you for offering your apartment for me to stay in ♥) and I want to go back to Disney Sea when I’m back in the area.

    And I’m glad you’re starting to feel better!

    1. I will totally go to Disney Sea with you! haha

      Let me know when you have decided. I should let you know that October and November are not good months for Jun and I. In October, my mom will be coming to visit(o^□^o)ノ In November, we are going back to the States for about two weeks.

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