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Buttercup Escapades

woof woof

OK, so maybe she doesn’t really think she is a dog, but her behavior whenever we give her a sesame stick, she goes instantly into dog-mode. This is complete with her running all over the place with it between her teeth looking for a place to hide it. When we put her back in her cage…she hides it in her house or in her bedding.

Here are some more pictures (sorry, the above logo is going to appear in the mix again):

In other news, I am feeling much better. I decided to take one more day off just to be safe – that, and I don’t have much of a voice to be of any use to the Jr. high school. Hopefully, this is the end of me being sick for a while?


5 thoughts on “Buttercup Escapades

  1. Oh really cute photos of Buttercup, she looks so active and cute^^

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better, hopefully you will feel 100% soon^^

    1. She is pretty active, but then again, she is only a few months old. It is kind of sad comparing here with Hikari because Hikari has definitely begun to slow down in her age. At least Buttercup will help me cope with Hikari’s passing whenever that happens – she has also taken a liking to me.

      I am feeling about 80% today. It is one of those things where your spirit is telling you, “You know what, I could run around Disney Land all day no problem!” but your body is saying, “Can I have more cough syrup and a nice soft bed to sleep in?”

  2. Gosh, Kyasa, you’re probably the only person who could manage to get a hamster THAT adorable!

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