Sick as a Dog but with Hot Chocolate

If it weren’t for the fact that I was very productive on blog updates before Golden Week and had them scheduled to be published, there would have been no updates in May yet. The truth is that I got really really sick with something – doctors never actually figured out exactly what is was outside of a terrible cold. Until yesterday, I was having a fever between 102 – 104 that only went down with medicine for a few hours before coming back and, until today, I was only able to stomach fluids. Today, it looks like I am finally starting to get over whatever it is I have, and I had my first solid food in about 4 days. Jun had been an absolute prince during this while ordeal. This has been the sickest I have ever been since coming to Japan and he was right there the entire time taking care of me. This included late night trips to the store to get juice, using a wet towel to dab on my forehead when my fever was at high points, smashing fruit down into an almost juice state so I could “eat” it, and telling his part time job he needed to stay home because I was very very sick. We marathoned through Harry Potter movies in attempt to lift my spirits a little. All in all, Jun really helped me get better because I could hardly even lift my head the first few days let alone “make” anything for myself to eat.

Among all the other amazing things Jun did, he also got me some of my favorite sweet potato pie ice creams to eat because, if nothing else, the calories were good for me. He also remembered me being very interested in those “hot-chocolate-on-a-stick” thingies I found during Valentine’s Day and had bought one for me to try.

Here are pictures of the chocolate endeavor:

Sorry if this turned out to be a “haha, my boyfriend/fiancée is awesome!” type of post, but that is kind of the mood I am in at the moment because of how grateful I am. Let’s hope that this sickness does continue to go away like it seems to be doing. That, and that I don’t get sick again anytime soon.

Also, I recommend the hot-chocolate-on-a-stick things because they are pretty darn tasty.


2 thoughts on “Sick as a Dog but with Hot Chocolate

    1. I’m a lot better than I was a few days ago, but that is mostly because I don’t have a fever anymore. Still seriously lacking a voice, which is kind of a problem.

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