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Arrietty the Borrower

posters in the movie theater for the latest Studio Ghibli film

Arrietty the Borrower (借りぐらしのアリエッティ), the latest full-length feature film from Studio Ghibli, was officially announced on 16 December 2009. The film, an adaptation of Mary Norton’s 1952 novel The Borrowers, marks the directorial debut of Ghibli animator Hiromasa “Maro” Yonebayashi, with supervision by Hayao Miyazaki. It is scheduled for roadshow release in Japan on 17 July 2010.

Though the original story was set in 1950’s England, this version of the story is set in present-day Koganei, the western suburb of Tokyo where Studio Ghibli is located.

While Miyazaki is not the director of this film, at least he is involved with the screenplay and planning. The last Ghibli film where he was not involved in was Tales from Earthsea and was directed by his son…and it was terrible. The voice cast was just announced this month, and the fact that Mirai Shida is going to be a voice is exciting. I have really enjoyed the dramas she has been in and am eager to see what she brings to the table as a voice actress.

Arrietty (アリエッティ Arietti)
The 14-year-old “tiny people” protagonist. She lives with her parents under the floorboards of the old house where Shō’s mother was raised. Voiced by: Mirai Shida

I know very little about the boy, Ryunosuke Kamiki, who is the lead male voice actor of the film, but he has apparently already done several voices for Studio Ghibli.

Shō (翔)
The 12-year-old human boy who becomes Arrietty’s friend. He meets Arrietty while recuperating from an illness at the old house in which his mother was raised. Voiced by: Ryūnosuke Kamiki

The trailer available at the moment is not very long, but there was a longer one shown in theaters. I’ll post that when it becomes available.


3 thoughts on “Arrietty the Borrower

  1. Wow, yeah, Tales from Earthsea was pretty bad. I watched it on my computer and it was so dark (plotwise)… there was none of the lighthearted cheer of normal Ghibli films. I kept wondering if I had mistakenly clicked the wrong movie link.

    1. yeah…that was a pretty bad film and we all should be thankful that Disney did not bring it over. My favorite part of Earthsea was the song, but the plot was so dark and didn’t make much sense to me while I was watching it. I am not sure if Miyazaki had a hand in that film, but he is doing storyboard and being a support network for this one, so it should be fine.

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