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This Month in 給食: April 2010

Well, the first month of school (technically 3 weeks) is over and, along with it, school lunch. There were some hits and some definite misses this month. The worst may have been thinking that a deep fried something was menchi and it turned out to be deep fried fish paste. There were a lot more misses this month than hits if you ask me. Most of the food was edible, but few of the things were actually along the lines of “delicious.”

So, what do you think? Anything look appealing to you?


5 thoughts on “This Month in 給食: April 2010

  1. Not so much. Maybe Japan should have Jamie Oliver from the Food Revolution come over and do school lunches. He is from England and just finished his show in West Virginia–you can’t believe what they had been serving kids–pizza and chicken nuggets even for breakfast. They had so much prepared foods at home and at school that they didn’t even know what a tomato looked like.

    By the end of the season he had the kids eating healthy food, the cooks at the cafeterias weren’t that excited because it was more work.

    Michelle Obama has childhood obesity as one of her platforms. In Santa Clara now you can’t get a toy with your Happy Meal–McDonald’s way of trying to help the obesity problem.

    Jamie would be so happy to see that whilte milk was served. That was a big fight to get white milk instead of chocolate and strawberry–which has more sugar that pop.

    1. Unfortunately, these lunches are extremely balanced. I have never seen pizza, or even anything that resembles a pizza. Chicken nuggets have shown up a few times, but it is mostly squid and octopus nuggets (ew). Once every few months we get coffee milk instead of white milk, but it is really pushed on the kids that even if you can’t finish lunch, you should at least drink all your milk. All the food is cooked at a school lunch center and then delivered to all the schools. I am pretty sure they often, if not always, use fresh ingredients.

      We still get toys with our happy meals, although I don’t see too many kids begging to go to McDonalds for a toy – I know my host siblings never did.

      1. I got off on my tangent with the wrong focus. Yes, your lunches are balanced–maybe Jamie could come up with some new options–he did a lot of stir frys so that would be something different to have with your rice.

        Kids in America were just raised so differently and in the poorer parts of the country they seem to be really overweight because they don’t have the money to buy quality food. Where both husband and wife work they are using more packaged food and fast food because time is a big factor as well.

        Jamie would love a school lunch center–he should go to Japan to get more ideas. Maybe Japan can give him more ideas than he can give to Japan.

  2. Oh I shouldn’t look at this at 6 in the morning after staying awake all night. I feel crazy with hunger! haha^^

    Actually a lot of it looks good to me, I would try deep fried fish paste just for the experience. And I see a kiwi fruit, that sounds really good right now.

    When I see these posts I always think back to my elementary school lunches. Oh the wiener winks (seriously, that was the name) and the pizza we swore was made from plastic and cardboard haha!

    1. Thankfully, at least nothing tastes like it was made from cardboard. Still, some of the dishes have either no flavor or taste way too much like fish.

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