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Spring in my Step

The other day, Jun and I decided to walk the 40 minutes to a shopping center to see a movie instead of the usual 15 minute bike ride. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I am glad we took advantage of it. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

The movie we ended up seeing was Clash of the Titans which wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t really good either. It made me want to watch the 1981 version – which I thankfully was able to find on the net. I remember watching the 1981 Clash of the Titans on TV with my dad and, after we finished it, I would have him read me several stories from my Greek mythology book. I was/am a HUGE Greek mythology fan – which may also be why I hated the movie Troy.

I dunno, I wasn’t really that impressed with the remake. The characters were pretty flat and they totally screwed up the mythology. Take Io for example. Instead of being Zeus’ lover, she was portrayed as the romantic interest to Perseus. Her transformation into a cow was also not mentioned; instead she was ‘cursed’ with agelessness for refusing a god’s romantic advances, though the film never specifies which god she refused. Although, I really need to stop comparing the “real” stories to what they make in the movies. Liam Neeson as Zeus was amusing…but a little too sparkley. It is a good popcorn movie, but don’t pay full price for it.


4 thoughts on “Spring in my Step

  1. Wow, all those flower photos are so stunning! I really wish the flowers were blooming around here like that!

    Too bad about that movie, but I had no plans to see it anyway haha^^

    1. the combination of sunlight and flowers was great. Unfortunately, the next day…and the next…and the next…it rained. Some of those flowers took a beating and, unfortunately, are now lying on the pavement.

      The movie was that bad and was fun. I just take my Greek mythology seriously and don’t like it when people and gods that have never met meet and form relationships that are making the Greek poets turn over in their graves.

  2. This is a totally unrelated question, but… why Tobidasu? In the dictionary, it says Tobidasu means “Jump out.” Contextually, though, what does “Jump out” mean?

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