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Strawberries and Cream

Now, I love strawberries. I could eat thousands of the little buggers and not get sick of them (probably). I am dying to try something in Japan called イチゴ狩り (ichigo gari) where you can pick as many strawberries as you want and eat them. I was invited to go this year by my host family, but I unfortunately already had plans. Anyway, strawberries are delicious, but I am not sure I did this idea…
strawberry and cream sandwich
Japan has a tendency of taking things that are delicious and making them into sandwiches. I have tried pudding sandwiches, curry sandwiches, yakisoba sandwiches…but I am not sure if I want to try one of these. I’d rather keep my image of strawberry sandwiches as peanut butter and strawberry jam ones. Or, if they must be on something bread-like, strawberries should be in cakes and pies.

7 thoughts on “Strawberries and Cream

  1. I used to be allergic to strawberries, which I guess is common for children, but I’m so glad I can eat them now hehe! That all you can pick/eat thing sounds fabulous. They would loose money on me that’s for sure haha!

    I would try that strawberry sandwich, I imagine it tastes similar to strawberry short cake.

    1. I love strawberries and cream, but regular white bread is not a good match…needs to have a sweeting agent in it to make it work.

      You might be able to find a strawberry picking place when you are in Japan. I am not 100% positive though. I know that they have all you can eat peaches in Kanagawa.

    1. I might too, if it were not for the fact that for about 300 yen you are getting a total of 4 whole strawberries…better off buying strawberries and whipped cream at a supermarket.

  2. Is that cream cheese or whipped cream. Fresh white bread, cream cheese and strawberries might work–not whipped cream–just plain strawberries and whipped cream is the best.

    1. unfortunately…that is whipped cream with white bread. Jun made himself a sandwich with just whipped cream and bread once (not sure if that is any better than the potato chip sandwiches Dad and I used to eat) and I thought he was nuts. I could see cream cheese working…

  3. My host mom did ichigo-gari in spring term. My host sister and I ate strawberries for a month and a half before my host sister staged a strawberry rebellion and refused to eat anymore.

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