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Finally, a Spring Bike Ride to Work

a little shine with a bunch of tulips and the remains of the sakura

For the first time since I started biking out to the middle of nowhere to my Jr. high school, it was sunny and not rainy or cloudy. To celebrate, I thought I would post a picture or two.

about half way there

Right now, all farming is taking a break as the farmers are all transitioning between the winter and spring crops, so there are fields of clovers in their place. The above picture is what I bike through for about 20 minutes before I get to my school. The school is actually located in the distance…but you can’t really see it.


2 thoughts on “Finally, a Spring Bike Ride to Work

  1. Wow the photos are really lovely and look so spring like. That really does look like the middle of nowhere haha! But on the nice days it must be very enjoyable to ride your bike. I have to find a job this summer, and I’m hoping it’ll be close enough to ride a bike.

    Oh! And that’s so awesome you cosplayed so many versions of Sailor Moon! I bet you looked super cute >3< I want to see those photos someday hehe^^

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