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Would you like a cup of strong smelling brew?

I want this cup

I am not sure what is more amusing: English that is 100% correct, but it a little too much information or Engrish. I actually really like the coffee cup. While I am pretty sure it is not trying to be, it comes off as rather witty to me. Now…the cup talking about milk is a little too ridiculous.

not sure this is appropriate to have on a cup...

4 thoughts on “Would you like a cup of strong smelling brew?

  1. Like the coffee cup, too much information on the milk cup. What is on the tea cup?

    Is that coffee cup $3? I think I would like to buy one.

    1. The tea cup said something like “tea: a drink made from leaves and flowers” with more detail to it.

      Yes, the cup is $3. If you want it, I can get it next time I am in that store and keep it until you come or I am going to send off another package.

      1. If only a loving member of my family would get me the coffee mug. teehee

        Mother’s Day is two weeks away and I still have a few of my treats left.

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