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Mouths Wide Open

Jun is fishing for something...

First, Japanese supermarkets kind of freaked me out with their selection of frozen squids, today I felt more sad than grossed out.

Selling for only 10 cents each were these guys:

baby sardines!

One, I felt bad for them being sold for only 10 cents. Not only are they being sold dirt cheap, their mouths are also wide open. I told Jun that the fish were screaming and he was therefore not allowed to buy any. He laughed and responded that fish can’t scream…especially when they are dead.

These sometimes show up in school lunch as a kind of tempura, and I cannot eat them because of their texture, flavor, and the fact that it is still looking at me. Jun ended up buying a few of them (ew) and proceeding to eat one of them in front of me when we got back to the apartment (double ew!).

I dunno, I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but I just cannot bring myself to eat these.

Speaking of dead fish…I was looking at some tiny clams to cook put in miso soup when I noticed that the clams within the packaging were…moving. I also screamed in the middle of the supermarket. You know the “feet” that clams have? Yeah…those were kind of moving very slowing in and out of the shell. It was really alarming.


5 thoughts on “Mouths Wide Open

  1. Look like the “broken” fish as you called them when you were very little and we were at the beach in San Diego.

  2. The fish in San Diego were also dead–they were laying on rocks and you would try to get them to move–they were also sardines.

  3. Well its a bit sad to see them with the mouths wide open, because it means they were gasping for breathe when they died. But they are already dead, and the best thing we can do is not let their lives go to waste. Oh I don’t know what to say to make this comment less gloomy ><

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