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Spelling Test

study study study

Yesterday, my second year students had a 100 word spelling test. They had a little over three weeks learn the words, but all the words they had studied their first year of Jr. high school. After the exam, I offered to correct the tests for the teacher, who seemed really happy to have me do that.

Now, I know what you are all thinking. 100 words?! That’s a lot. However, these are words that are used almost everyday including the months of the year and how to spell teacher and other easy words.

I am a terrible speller – ask my parents. I am sure I have spelled many things wrong in my blog. I am a phonetic speller, which does not bode well with the English language. Still, some of these spellings my students came up with are not even close to phonetic. I wish I could pop into their minds and see how they came up with these.

I’ll have the answers hidden, so you are going to have to highlight the empty space next to the misspelled word to see what the answer is.

butful beautiful

durekfast breakfast

tetuay teacher

fistdar festival

eiples April

winogh winter

faonth famous

ritp trip

faived fifth

tielcle twentieth

I felt bad for laughing…but some of these were just too ridiculous!


9 thoughts on “Spelling Test

  1. …Wow. Those are impressively bad. I’m particularly a fan of “tielcle” for “twentieth.” How did they even come up with that?

  2. Um, the above comment is mine, by the way. I signed up for a WordPress account because I’m planning on moving my blogging over here and didn’t realise I was actually signed in. Heh.

    1. …Or not. I swear I commented before, but it seems to have deleted it. Clearly, this is not my day for internet-related activities. o.O

      My original comment, before WordPress decided it doesn’t like me, was just that my favourite of those misspellings is “tielcle” for “twentieth.” I can’t even figure out where they got that.

      1. You did comment. I just have to approve it. I already approved your other IP address, so your comments show up right away 🙂

        welcome to WordPress!

  3. I don’t know why I thought “tielcle” would be “testicle.” Why would someone put that in an English test?

    1. hey, it is Japan. Anything could happen. I have kids telling me all the time that they have “spring fever” when they really have “hay fever”

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